Christmas past

Christmas is over, New Years approaching. One more day of work, finalizing some SQL/bash reports and reading manuals, before some spare time over the hollidays.

Tested the new SRSS 4.2 (or 5) on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 32bit (Server). Works extremely well, but didn’t get any sound at all from the terminals. So… will test with 9.10 64bit as well on an evaluation server (older hardware, 2.8GHz Intel HT, 2 GB RAM) before trying it on the production machine.

Upgraded the file server (Intel Atom) with a terabyte of disk for Christmas. Not that there was any emergency, but the IDE disks in the machine are probably four to six years old, having run 24×7 all their life. And yes, back-ups are taken and moved to an off-site location. And from there all the way to a Minneapolis bank vault (Crashplan).

Trying to retrace my steps through the OpenRate code, looking at the code I wrote this Spring for understanding ASN.1 and TAP. Need to rewrite it, really. Needs more structure to it.


About magvar

Technical guy, worked with computers since I was twelve, complete nerd, but managed to get married and am now the happy father of three kids.
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