Skype crashes on start (Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10, 32bit and 64bit)

Quite interesting thing happened today. Both my wife and I had Skype up and running, on Ubuntu 10.10 (32bit) and Ubuntu 11.04 (64bit), and all of a sudden… Skype just crashed, for both of us.

When restarting we got the same type of problem, something that pointed to ia32-libs on my 64bit machine. I tried multiple solutions, including making certain libs write-protected (a known bugzilla item).

But, there was an easier fix than that. A comment on Slashdot pointed out that all that was needed was to move a settings file to correct the problem… So;

$> mv ~/.Skype/shared.xml ~/.Skype/shared.bak

[Misspelled the filename to be moved at first. Thanks to Joachim and rostand for pointing it out.]

Just do that, and Skype can be started again! You have to set the password, but other than that, no issues. Actually, this works on the equivalent Windows file as well.


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Technical guy, worked with computers since I was twelve, complete nerd, but managed to get married and am now the happy father of three kids.
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21 Responses to Skype crashes on start (Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10, 32bit and 64bit)

  1. Joachim Behrendt says:

    thank for this helpfull hint. Only a small comment:
    the file share.xml don’t exist it’s shared.xml. After removing it, Skype works perfectly.
    🙂 Joachim

  2. rostand says:

    Thanks a million.

    I thought Microsoft Skype was already working all its new charm when it stopped on Kubuntu tonight.

    It didnt work with yours
    mv ~/.Skype/share.xml ~/.Skype/share.bak
    but did with
    mv ~/.Skype/shared.xml ~/.Skype/shared~.xml
    that I found here:

    You put me on the right path.

  3. Thanks for the info. Very useful for me.

  4. Valentin Vasilev says:

    Thanks for this fix! (bow)
    works perfect for me

  5. Alessandro Feltrin says:

    Yes, it works !!! Is there a good reason because this happens? I appreciate who is able to explain something more …

  6. 7osni says:

    Thanks a million
    You really keep my faith in Linux

  7. penzo says:

    Thanks man!
    Fast fix, without loosing chat history.
    I owe you a beer.

  8. Thanks for the quick fix,
    Worked well!


  9. delysid says:

    Im really, really thankful for the solution!!


  10. tdoublep says:

    Thanks a lot for this

  11. roko says:

    I had this problem for a week … I almost switched to another comunicator. Now it finally works. Thanks again.

  12. Leonardo says:

    Another one saved by you. thanks a lot. I was about to taint my ubuntu with skype for windows on wine.

  13. Marek says:

    Hey guys,

    I did this trick but skype keeps crashing after 2-3 startups. After the crash it loads ok so here is my question – do I need to delete the “shared” file everytime before starting skype? I’m using linux mint 11 64 bits, the skype package comes frome (it a bit newer than the repo one which crashes too).

    Thanks in advance!

    • magvar says:

      No, you definitely shouldn’t need to remove it every time! I sure haven’t needed to do so.

      Looking at my own Skype, I’m at version on Xubuntu/Ubuntu 11.04 64bit.

  14. Atticus says:

    this doesn’t fix it for me. If it continues to crash it’s probably a pulseaudio problem.

  15. Alex says:

    ohh that seems saved my life.. still using linux mint 12.. 🙂 thx.

  16. ram says:

    Saved my life tooooooooo…thanks for the post

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