Gigaset SL910 – possible test

Well, there’s a possibility that I might get picked to review the Gigaset SL910. Looks like a cool enough phone, I must say, with touchscreen and a display.

Wonder if you can surf the web with it? Now that’d be quite cool. But, then again, I think it’d be quite enough to have a phone with a touchscreen. 😉

Considering the number of hours spent on the phone around here, we’d sure give it a thorough test.

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Sound on my HP DV7 with Ubuntu 11.10 64bit

Just a quick note, since I just found out how to get sound working on my HP DV7 (running Ubuntu 11.10 64bit).

Add the following as the last row of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf;

options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=1 model=hp-dv5

Then, to test it, run;

sudo alsa force-reload

Now sound’s working. Lovely!

Works perfectly.


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Router back up (pfSense)

The other day our internal router (we’ve got a Telia router guarding our WAN connection, and a pfSense watching over our LAN) decided to give in. Something happened to the internal disc (which happens to be a 4GB C/F card), and it just… stopped communicating with the outside world.

Maybe I could have flushed the disc and reinstalled, but I figured it’d be better to just grab a really, really old harddrive (a 3GB Quantum Fireball), hook it to the ITX mainboard running the router, and… run the pfSense installation from a CD I had lying around just in case.

The detection of the LAN interface (vr0) was automatic, while I had to look at the list of interfaces to guess which one was the WAN (since it refused detecting a link-up). Once I’d entered the interface name (ed0), though, both LAN and WAN were automatically configured.

Then, it was just a matter of resetting the webConfigurator password, setting an IP for the router itself, and then accessing it via a browser to set the DNS addresses (I use the Google public DNS addresses, and, and… I had internet access through our internal network again. Also set up the NAT needed to get access from the outside in.

Feels good to be back up.

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Autumn colours

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KUbuntu 11.10

Well, had to update to KUbuntu 11.10 the other day (the KDE-menu hung frequently, since I’ve added window managers galore and… well, it was all a bit unstable in the end).

One thing I noted was that my Cisco VPN connections didn’t work, despite being able to import the PCF files. Nothing happened when trying to activate the VPN. Found a tip that the plugins needed were missing, and after installing the needed vpnc plugin I was connected.

So, all I did was;

sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc

… and it Just Worked.

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World Scout Jamboree

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Nostalgia Festival 2011 – Follow-up

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Nostalgia Festival 2011

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Skype crashes on start (Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10, 32bit and 64bit)

Quite interesting thing happened today. Both my wife and I had Skype up and running, on Ubuntu 10.10 (32bit) and Ubuntu 11.04 (64bit), and all of a sudden… Skype just crashed, for both of us.

When restarting we got the same type of problem, something that pointed to ia32-libs on my 64bit machine. I tried multiple solutions, including making certain libs write-protected (a known bugzilla item).

But, there was an easier fix than that. A comment on Slashdot pointed out that all that was needed was to move a settings file to correct the problem… So;

$> mv ~/.Skype/shared.xml ~/.Skype/shared.bak

[Misspelled the filename to be moved at first. Thanks to Joachim and rostand for pointing it out.]

Just do that, and Skype can be started again! You have to set the password, but other than that, no issues. Actually, this works on the equivalent Windows file as well.

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